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DRI Unit

Plant : DRI Unit

Awesome Image Best TMT Bar Manufacturing Plants India – In the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant, creation of wipe iron utilizing a strong reductant includes diminishing iron mineral (knots/pellets) with a carbonaceous material, for example, coal. The decrease is completed in a revolving oven (which is slanted and pivots at a foreordained scope of paces) at a specified temperature (8500C – 10500C). The tendency and the rotating movement of the oven guarantee that the crude materials move from the feed end to the release end of the furnace and during this development the genuine decrease of iron mineral to press happens. The material released from the furnace is taken to a rotating cooler for cooling and the cooled item is isolated from the coal burn.

The basic reactions involved are as follows

  • 1. 3Fe2O3 + CO = 2Fe3O4 + CO2
  • 2. Fe3O4 + CO = 3FeO + CO2
  • 3. FeO + CO = Fe + CO2

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