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This pioneer TMT bar fabricating organization offers its items to government offices, industry houses, common contractual workers, and land engineers. They are perfect for flyovers, dams, spans, and other basic structures where high return load is required without settling on the quality and pliability.

  • Raw materials are treated at the DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) plant.
  • High-quality billets are obtained from the steel melting shop.
  • Billets are passed through the state of the art rolling mill.
  • The self Tempering process is used to result in a structure called ‘Tempered Martensite’.
  • The atmospheric Cooling process comes into play where the heat of the core area tempers the Martensite part and the ductile core becomes the Ferrite Pearlite structure.
  • Mechanical & chemical tests are done at par with IS 1786:2008.
  • TMT Bars are cut into required length, bundled up, and tagged.

This pioneer TMT bar manufacturing company sells its products to government agencies, industry houses, civil contractors, and real estate developers. They are ideal for flyovers, dams, bridges, and other critical structures where high yield load is required without compromising on the quality & ductility.

Shree Ganesh Metaliks TMT Grade:

  • Shree Ganesh Metaliks TMT Fe 500
  • Shree Ganesh Metaliks TMT Fe 500D

Advantages of SGML  TMT Bars:

  • Earthquake resistant: The Thermo Mechanical Treatment attributes higher elongation to the SGML 500D TMT Bars that make them resistant against earthquakes.
  • Corrosion-resistant: At the time of manufacturing, the outer surface of Rashmi 500D TMT Bars form a hard Ferric Oxide layer in the presence of moisture and air when they are treated on the Cooling Bed. This coating helps the bars resist corrosion.
  • Super bondability: TMT Bars strongly bond with their surrounding concrete that adds to the strength and firmness of the construction.
  • Higher weldability: Raw materials used in the production of TMT Bars have low carbon. This ensures higher weldability of the bars.
  • Steel saving: Maintaining a low tolerance of sectional weight enables Rashmi TMT Bars to save 15% approx in steel consumption, compared to others.